I moved to area Sacramento in 2005, settling in a small apartment in Carmichael. I’ve moved around since and had three different jobs in three different locations, each getting farther from Sacramento and each time I’d drive, take the Light Rail, or bus I traveled through Sacramento.  Since 2008 I saw another abandoned building, another homeless man or woman, increasing in numbers.  Restaurants, businesses, places I’d been to or saw bustling are gone.  In 2010 I was laid off, along with everyone I knew at the company except for my boss.  Two of us were now homeless, sleeping out of our vehicles.  An old friend from several years back let me stay in his garage.  Eventually there was 8 of us in one house, all but one was unemployed.  I was homeless but I didn’t stand on a corner or hold a sign, but when you’re sleeping in the cab of a Ford Ranger it’s easy to figure it out.  Everyone sees them, the homeless.  No one says anything.  I turn on the news and they have reports on dog parks, while Americans are squatting in houses that no one can afford.  Another business is gone.  Another person is homeless.  The good people are leaving.  The dregs are leeching.

I wanted to show people what’s happening in Sacramento and the surrounding area before I leave.  I don’t believe anyone will fix this problem but someone needs to talk about it.


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